A320 NEO

Even more sustainable

The most sustainable engine for A320neo family aircraft is getting even more so. The GTF Advantage engine will extend our lead as the most environmentally friendly option:  

  • Up to 17% lower CO2 emissions vs. prior generation engines like V2500 
  • Capable of even lower lifecycle emissions with sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) 
  • Successfully tested on 100% SAF 
A320 NEO

Even better operating costs 

With additional aircraft capability, the GTF Advantage engine will deliver cost and revenue benefits from lower fuel consumption, higher payload and longer range:  

  • Up to 17% lower fuel consumption vs. prior generation engines like V2500 
  • Sea level takeoff thrust up to 34,000 pounds per engine 
  • Significant improvements in high altitude takeoff thrust 

Dependability built in 

The GTF Advantage engine builds upon our latest configuration, which today is powering dependable A320neo family operation around the world. 

  • More than two years of ground and flight testing complete
  • Extensive endurance testing for high durability 
  • Builds on mature dispatch reliability on par with V2500 engines 
  • Delivers more thrust at lower temperatures  
A320 NEO

Ease of airline operation

Making the upgrade seamless for our customers, new and base model engines will be compatible with full intermix and interchange. GTF Advantage engines will be available for A320neo family aircraft starting in 2024. 

  • Fully interchangeable: with the same aircraft interface, new model engines can replace base model engines, and vice versa, giving airlines ultimate flexibility in their operations. 
  • Fully intermixable: aircraft will be able to operate one of each configuration. Advanced software will make this invisible to the pilots, delivering maximum efficiency no matter the pairing. 
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