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  • PW1500G engine
  • PW1900G & PW1700G engine
  • PW1200G engine
Nacelle GTF

Pratt & Whitney GTF™ Engine

Family of geared turbofan engines

The Pratt & Whitney GTF engine brings game-changing performance to the table. Ranging from 14,000 to 34,000 pounds of thrust, the GTF powers several new aircraft platforms and connects people around the world.

  • 80+ customers with 10,000+ orders and commitments
  • 1,100+ aircraft in service with 58 airlines
  • 3M+ flights and 11M+ engine flight hours
  • 600M+ gallons (2B+ liters) of fuel saved
  • 6M+ tonnes of CO2 avoided


Airbus A320neo Family

Powering the Airbus A320neo since 2016 and the A321neo since 2017

  • 81" inch fan diameter
  • 12:1 bypass ratio
  • 24k-33k lbs of thrust

PW1400G-JM Engine

Irkut MC-21

Selected to power the Irkut MC-21

  • 81" inch fan diameter
  • 12:1 bypass ratio
  • 28k-31k lbs of thrust

PW1500G Engine

Airbus A220

Powering the Airbus A220 since 2016

  • 73"  inch fan diameter
  • 12:1 bypass ratio
  • 19k-25k lbs of thrust

PW1700G & PW1900G Engine

Embraer E-Jets E2

PW1900G: Powering the Embraer E190-E2 since 2018 and the E195-E2 since 2019

  • PW1900G
  • 73” inch fan diameter
  • 12:1 bypass ratio
  • 19K-23K lbs of thrust
  • PW1700G
  • 56” inch fan Diameter
  • 9:1 bypass ratio
  • 15K-17K lbs of thrust

PW1200G Engine

Mitsubishi SpaceJet M90 (paused)

Selected to power the Mitsubishi SpaceJet M90

  • 56” Inch Fan Diameter
  • 9:1 Bypass Ratio
  • 15K-17K lbs of Thrust

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